These days  I am working on a fusion of tatted lace with light  silk to create a collection of fashion accessories. It is a kind of redescovering  the traditional use of tatted lace  (as an embellishment or edge for fabric creation) where  the silk is something more than a support for tatting.  Working with such an evocative material like hand painted silk  I looked for a melting of the fabric with tatted lace or 3D tatted pieces.  In this post I show the result of last week-end  working process.

I was very lucky to have the chance to work with an outstanding  hand painted silk by Angeles Esparza


the delicate pastel tones of her painting captured my imagination and lighted my inspiration and working on, around, with this  material I found an original design for a collar or bracelet and really enjoyed cutting, sewing, tatting it.

The simple concept of a split rings chain, tatted in metallic thread like this

split rings chain concept

embraces in spiral an elegant, empty silk pipe.

bracciale working on

The creation of the broach you can see below started by tatting a  3D rose (  a personal interpretation of a pattern by Emiko Kitao) and trying  a combination with some leaves I designed and tatted for the purpose

RUJI4108 and  ended with the shaping of  silk strips which tones blend with tatted parts naturally. The blending, melting of materials and crafts it is also fruit of the kind of collaboration with  Angeles Esparza: we meet and listen each other, we choose tones together so that the design comes out spontaneously from an idea of one of us,  a suggestion of the other  or a fusion of both of them.

spilla working progress



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